Conversational Latin Online Course–Wednesday Class




Conversational Latin Online Course–Wednesday Class 

Time: Wednesdays 7-8 am PT (8-9 am MT, 9-10 am CT, 10-11 am ET) Class is 60 minutes.

Dates: Fall Semester:  Sept 15, 2021 — Jan 12, 2022 , Spring Semester:  Jan 19 — May 18, 2022

Tuition:  $100 per semester

Conversational Latin is a flexible class where we speak as much Latin as possible following our interests and where we learn vocabulary about things in our daily life, current events, etc.  We also read and discuss Latin novellas (short, easy Latin readers), watch videos in Latin, and prepare short Latin presentations to share with classmates.  We also learn new grammar skills as needed.
Students should have completed through BB2, Lesson 4, or have special permission from me to join.