BigBook 1 — Online PDF Version

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BigBook of LivelyLatin, Volume 1 Online PDF:

  • With this option you receive lifetime access to all the LivelyLatin resources delivered through the online BB1 classroom.  Inside the online classroom, you will find:
    • Sixteen BIG lessons of lively Latin language instruction, English derivatives, Roman history, puzzles, games, activities, and more. All in PDF ready for you to download and print, lesson by lesson, as you need.
    • The PDF answer key to consult or print, as you wish
    • Short, effective videos which teach the grammar portions of the program.  Use them to learn or review lessons.
    • Audio files of vocabulary in Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciation in mp3 format.
    • Optional review tests to see what has been mastered and what still needs work.
    • Online vocabulary games and resources
    • Optional MyHistory of Rome in PDF form to print out so students create their own Roman history book
    • Notebook dividers and cover to print
    • Handy Dandy Chant Sheets
    • Glossary
    • Book completion certificate
  • All for just $55!