English Derivative Difference

For every set of Latin vocabulary, there are 4-6 pages of “Word Power” activities which grow the student’s English vocabulary. These activities focus on teaching student the meaning of English words that are derived from Latin. An English derivative is a word that shares some of the meaning and some of the spelling of the Latin root word.

While many Latin curricula merely supply a list of English derivatives, LivelyLatin provides abundant activities for students to become more articulate and attentive to meaning in their own language.
As you can see, LivelyLatin Word Power exercises are varied, colorful, interesting, and inviting…

…And all increase your student’s word power!

To see actual samples of Word Power exercises, tour the BigBooks.


Free Latin Mini-Course

An Introduction to the Latin Language. It’s a great way to give the BigBooks of LivelyLatin curriculum a test run. Print out the PDF lessons, maps, and artwork, view the videos, listen to the audio files, and play the online games for free!

My kiddos continue to love Latin, thanks to you, and this has extended to an interest in all things Roman.
- Rose D.


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