I’m pleased to announce that I am offering one beginning live online Latin class starting this fall.


OnlineLiveLgThis beginning Latin course for middle-schoolers (roughly 5th-9th grade) will work through BigBooks 1 and 2 in three years (six semesters). We’ll meet once per week for 90 minutes using interactive web-based software.  In between classes, students will complete assignments, take online quizzes, and use the resources in our private online classroom.  By the end of the three-year study period, students will have advanced to the level of intermediate Latin. They will also learn Roman history from its legendary beginnings in 753 BC to the end of the Empire in the West in 476 AD.  In addition to good old-fashioned study, students will play Latin games, contribute to a student Latin blog,  complete projects of personal interest to share, and collaborate on group projects with other students.  We’ll even have a virtual Latin Fest at the end of each year.

In addition to learning the Latin language and building English vocabulary, I will also coach students on becoming self-directed, independent life-long learners. All told, this class is a great opportunity to learn with a skilled Latin teacher, become part of a community of like-minded students, and have fun while being enriched with all the benefits that Latin study brings.  Classes will be limited to twenty students on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to learn more.