I’m glad you’re here at the new home of LivelyLatin!

I hope you’ll find the new site easier to navigate, more helpful, and more fun for learning Latin. Please feel free to click around and maybe pick up some encouragement and inspiration for your Latin study.

If you’re already using the BigBooks of LivelyLatin, you’ll find your classroom in the Learning Center.  You’ll now have the choice to use either the first or second editions of the BigBooks.  Click here to find out the difference between the two.

If you’re completely new to Latin, try out the Free Mini-Course to get started learning the language and experience first-hand what the LivelyLatin difference is.  The Mini-Course will actually give you a head start in the curriculum since it  consists of the Introduction and Lesson 1 of BigBook 1. You can download the lessons, view videos, listen to audio files, and play online games for free.

On my end, since this new site is so much easier to use, I look forward to continually adding more content and features, including live online courses in the near future.  So drop me a line (or a post reply) to let me know what you like or what you would like more of.